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No meetings are going to be held on 'Ryanair' property. The chances of any management being let in is minimal. It would however be very good for the likes of 'Eddie' and co to sit outside and see 'all' the pilots troop in. The more go in the more they will realise that the are about to have a fight on there hands. We should be actively talking about these base meetings and be talking of possible future industrial action. It's not a secret FFS , the whole point that there are over 2100 pilots in REPA is because they all realise something has to give. There is no law against talking ...even the thought police in Ryanair have not gone that far yet. So say it loud and proud guys " Yes I'm in the Union , Yes I will go to a meeting and yes I'm willing to do what is necessary to prevent my T and C's from becoming any worse ...." . Ryanair are going to make 550 million profit this year and like it or not the only idiots I see are the pilots for letting MOL and Co emasculate our T & c's.
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