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Who says those with kids should get higher priority or better odds or more chances for leave at some particular time of the year than those without?

In most cases, those same weeks are just as highly prized by people without kids, people without boats, people planning vacations with friends or families, people who like Star Wars, people who wear glasses, people who don't like surfing, people from Italy, people with short hair, people over 5'10", people who prefer red M&M's as well as people who benefit from and suffer the pitfalls of both seniority-based and points-based leave systems.

There are 2600+ personal sets of circumstances that determine who wants what and when, and there is no perfect system, including seniority. A decent chance of everyone getting a fair shot at the best leave slots on a rotating basis is the intent of the point system. A slant toward seniority is already included with the ability to build up points over time before cashing them in if and when you wish.

As has been said before, there are simply not enough leave slots to match the number of weeks owed to everyone, and that needs to be protested loudly and made a top priority to fix right now.
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