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I think you will find that crew know how to bid, but no system will work if there are not enough slots made available. It seems that very few HKG based Boeing 747 or 777 pilots have been awarded more than 2-3 weeks leave.

The pool will not fix this as people will not throw in the pool if only half their leave has been awarded and risk being given single weeks allocated leave with little or no notice. When I last checked the pool there was 1 slot for the year

It is absolutely appalling that the leave allocation was changed a year or so ago to align (read delay) our leave year with the "operating Plan" to give the company better planning... and here were are about to go into the new year and I for one do not have a days leave awarded in 2012.

Got a feeling the S*it is about to hit the fan in FLT OPS if they cannot even get the simple basics covered.