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It's interesting to see lots of Ryanair guys on here say "DON'T JOIN RYANAIR". I want to to hear from any pilots out there who would consider joining Ryanair and why. Almost three years ago a quote from senior management was "we have hired everybody worth hiring".....So where will the new DEC's come from!. I can fully understand if a pilot has no job and needs to work. A Ryanair job is better the no job ...just about. Although many Ryanair Brookfield contractors would have earned more on social welfare over the last 3 months than did did at Ryanair...(oh yeah you are not entitled to any social welfare as you are self employed and this in turn has helped ryanair avoid paying conributions). It should also be remembered that there was a very high attrition rate among NTR dec's last time around. No TRE/LTC lower standards for a DEC when high standards are expected of our Captains (just for the record the numbers getting into BA and Emirates demonstrate the integrity of the training department unlike the pikey bonus hunting management).....So please tell us why you want to join Ryanair ...the low pay airline....the Non existant Terms and Conditions airline...the airline everyone loves to hate (especially the employees ..sorry drones)....Tell us please !!

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