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The thing with corporate is you could ask 50 different pilots of their experiences and get 50 different answers. There are some absolutely amazing corporate jobs out there and there are some dreadful ones, and everything in between. Often though (especially with the smaller ones) it's hard to tell what it will be like until you are in.

It's not for everybody, much depends on your personality and ability to adapt.
I do lots of earlies, have a roster which is very stable (for corporate), get paid well and visit some cool places. We get a decent allowance when we're away and are able to plan stuff while down the line. I do about 500 hours a year and get rostered days off allowing me to go away etc. I know of others who are effectively on standby 7 days a week, with the exception of their 25 days annual holiday.

So come on then, is RYR really that bad? You do seem very desperate to jump ship.
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