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Lex - The front wing incident at Silverstone last year is correct, I concede, but you claim there are others.. where??

I am sure Vettel is defacto Numero Uno at Red Bull, Webber has had his time in F1, and despite public statements, even he himself has admitted to not being able to touch SV in terms of pace for most of the year, therefore at his time of life, driving the best car and picking up a couple of win bonuses every year as well as the mega-bucks sponsorship, he should think himself lucky. I would also agree that in the interests of team performance, and given incidents of 2010, that Webber was told to hold station behind Vettel, however I suspect it was more to do with the risk of losing cars and by default - Championship points, than anything else.

I just do not agree with your inference that RBR have given SV better / different kit on multiple occasions. Different strategies and car management from the pit crew is one thing, different hardware (Other than driver specific balance changes etc) is quite another.

Also to take your point about Silverstone 2010, as I recall, SV went off at turn 1 (Much to my delight as I was sitting in the grandstand cheering!) and he subsequently drove very well to get into 6th or 7th whichever it was.. however with 3 or 4 races to go in 2010, Webber should have won the title, he didn't IMHO due to his own lack of performance - he made fundamental errors and produced a poor string of results.. all of his own doing.

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