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Here's a question for the doubters.

Who between the Red Bull drivers was ahead in the championship points table when Red Bull took the latest front wing off Webbers car and put it on Vettels car at the Silverstone GP?

The answer of course for those who don't know was Mark Webber.In fact from memory Vettel did not lead that many races and Alonso was ahead on points with Webber second for the last race.I might be wrong but if this is the case it seems as though Webbers comment that it was inconvenient for the team to have Webber leading the title chase at the latter part of the season might have been spot on.

Did the team ask Vettel not to overtake or maintain the gap when he was trailing Webber....NO but they did when it was the other way around..

Even Lewis Hamilton has said that to an outsider it appears as though Vettel is the favoured driver.
But did they do it because they favour SV or because they thought that as SV is clearly the better driver the money would be better invested on a potential winners car
SFFP,does that mean that McLaren should invest more money in and favour Jenson Button next year ?

Remember JB came second while Lewis got fifth.
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