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Fascinating if not so laughable.

The once great CX is being challenged by the uncouth neightbour & look at the level of back slapping & self derived omniscience that comes pouring out.

CX WAS (emphasise WAS!!!) an industry leader attracting & screening for some of the best pilots they could find. And they were suitably as well correctly paid. And now???

Let's see.... CX used to attract high time GA guys as well as low to mid time jet guys for SO positions. Now they attract & seek ZERO experienced applicants with ZERO qualifications or credentials. HX initially attracted low(er) experienced pilots but grew & now attracts high time pilots where still the minimum entry requirement is jet time with ATPL. Some argue you'd never be on a HX flight due the pilots' (lack of experience)?? Interesting then that you're happy to put yours & your own on a CX flight with the SFO taking a leak & leaving the iCadet SO with all of ZERO commercial experience & fresh from the flying school the lone protector of the controls!!!????? Worst case at HX is the Capt takes a leak & the jet experienced ATPL pilot is left at the controls.

Have read this entire thread & CX guys are talking of job security & financial remuneration? Come on! So, let's compare CX's history of tearing up legally binding contracts, the "sign or be fired" negotiation tactics, the many different COS packages, the 49ers, ASL & now AHK, failure to honour BPP, the constant legal battles, RP's, the threats of CC just to get a basic pay increase in line with CPI due none given in over a decade (approx).....!!!! And HX: immorally fired a group of 737 drivers all be it from a now non existance management team shown the door.

Salary? CX new hirees all come as iCadets under an insulting pay package which shows an overall pay DECREASE of approx 60% over a career. Or the speculation of more DEFO's who again undermine the seniority system (not remove, just undermine) but will receive the same pathetic (lack of) housing assistance not factored to CPI anyway. And now HX: all pilots just received a 21% pay increase, all pilots come as DEFO's & DEC's whereby the DEC path will slowly erode as numbers required to get the operation going are met.

Time to Command at CX: 18-22 years (the AOA published 22 years recently based on a very detailed analysis...) Time to Command at HX, who knows but at present thoughts are approx 4 years. So, let's call it 8 just to play devil's advocate and still it's a damn site better. Of course it'll never be as good as the good 'ole days of TAA 727 experience then coming to CX on the L1011 and doing 2 years only till Command: as we're all reminded over & over & over again....

CX training? It is well regarded by those within the ranks that CX is considered as a "checking" airline culture with little training as such. In fact the iCadet SO FFS "training" has recently been cut by 50%. HX training? Appears to have a way to go but will they seek to lower initial / early training by as much as 50% or not? Jury is out.....but it appears from some recent incidents they certainly do have a lot to improve on.

Someone mentioned the standard of FA's. Having not flown on them I can't comment but they do have a SkyTrax 4 star rating. But what I will laugh at, as I did from the scanned cut out of the SCM newspaper was the "highly trained??" CX FA's performing an evacution and allowing (assisting) the pax ladened with their 4-5 duty free bags coming down down the slides, clogging up the exits & standing by at the bottom to take photos (bags in other hand I suspect??!!) Go to several other threads on this forum to see the utter ridicule so many CX pilots have for the CX FA "sprint service" techniques!!!!

CX was once a leader. The airline has selected this path in a time of making record profits. Now HX comes along & rattles a few cages & CX arrogance seems surface. No, I'm not with HX but have a few mates who have joined recently. Am content with my present job but looking on with interest....
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