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Oh, btw Lex. You saying that every time Vettel outperformed Webber was only down to "team orders"? Could it maybe, just maybe, be because Vettel is actually a far better driver and any team will select the one most likely to actually do the best to be their "#1"?
HB,Without a doubt Vettel is faster than Webber.

Webber is at the end of his career as a driver and although a very good technical driver is and never was a Schumacher,Vettel or Hamilton.His race starts are woeful.

It is obvious though that Vettel is the number one driver and has been given the better equipment (The front wing episode is a case in point although not the only one).Is that because he is younger and has a longer career ahead of him and the team wants to please him so he doesn't move to another team or is it a
case of nationality?

Is the RedBull car being set up for the style to favour Vettel as Lon More mentioned this.
Big problem comes in a team with two equal drivers with dis-similar driving styles is when the car is being developed. It's either going to end up favouring and flattering one driver, or worse, falling in the middle, and being an also ran
I'm not saying that Webber is an equal to Vettel but if the car is not set up to his style of driving then it makes it even harder to get results.This year might have been an example of that as the results from last year were a lot closer between Webber and Vettel or maybe it was Vettel that adapted to the new tyres better than Webber did.

Vettel is as you and I have said the faster driver but as with Lewis that is not the full story in what a driver needs to win the WDC.Lewis is faster than Jenson but JB has outperformed Lewis this year when if it was just down to speed Lewis should have been the one in second spot.JB has the ability to think and that is something that Lewis is either not capable of or will learn as he gains experience.

It will be interesting to see what happens next year between Lewis and Jenson.If Jenson continues to best Lewis I can't see Lewis staying at McLaren but where would he go?

Again Again
Nice try Lobey!
Duckbutt/SFFP whoever,what you are trying to get at or think is your concern and business,so think what ever you want to think but you are so wide of the mark that you could drive a truck through it.
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