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I thought I might draw some flack for this, but I've regarded Sir David as someone who considers air power something which existed purely to fight Russians with, up to and no further than 1990. I recall his speech reported in the Daily Telegraph, all about counter-insurgency warfare and the need to concentrate on the land capability. Air support according to the General would be best suited if provided by Super Tucano! Or something along those lines.

As for the comment from Roadster about Typhoons, A330s and A400s, just think how many we could afford if it wasn't for the never never Aircraft Carriers currently being processed, simply to save wasting anymore money, in order to mothball one of them.

But to be honest, I think it is an apalling state of affairs that we're bickering over what are really the standard capabilities of a frontline Navy, Army and Air Force. I wouldn't bat an eyelid were this in the wake of any such campaign which took place prior to the beginning of operations in Afghanistan, in earnest. But thanks to the last government's desire to get stuck in abroad, as it were, but with no intention of affording due priority of resources to such antics, unhelpful remarks from khaki and dark blue senior officers, have become common place since. They've been scrambling for resources which have been denied rather than have never been there.

That's the reason why I may have looked to deeply into what would otherwise pass as far more routine.

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