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may well be getting confused here, but doesn't that leave them in the same place, due to the shenanigans with Renault becoming Lotus among the name changes?
No,unfortunately both of them are out of a drive at the moment but with Williams looking for some much needed cash who knows?

Again (Lex/Red/Lobes)

And there is the real quandary for RBR at the moment. If AN does, and no doubts from me that he will, design another world beating car is it going to be financially viable to build 2 of them when realistically only one of them is going to bring them any sort of return
Obviously someone missed the point once again.

Team Vettel don't care where Webber is in the championship as long as he doesn't get in the way of Vettel winning his next WDC.

As long as Webber does his job to give the team enough points to win the constructors title as well as the drivers title they are happy and that is what Webber is paid to do and that is exactly what Webber did.

Now if AN does his job again and Vettel/Webber do the job again all will be rosy in team Vettel.

Now,if Lewis had done his job coming something better than 5th in the WDC then McLaren might have won the constructors title instead of coming second.

With a score of 650 points for Red Bull and 497 for McLaren, Lewis let his team down.So the question you should be asking is whether it's financially viable for McLaren to give both of their drivers a good car when JB is the one doing the job,ergo the article in the F1 magazine.
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