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Air China contract, A330 or B777 is a total failure.
Bases are closed or changed without notice, aircraft types changed, and Air China expects the pilots to either relocate to Copenhagen ( not the perfect airport to commute to and from, with all due respect to our danish colleagues ) or another aiport far from your home and pay for the positionning full fare with the tacky and changing rosters they produce.

YVR and SYD should go B777 next year, B777 in FRA and CDG, LHR in summer A330 in winter, how do you expect to have a life and make any stable plan.

As far as salary in concerned, well, the wages haven't changed since day one, except downward, as you have to pay for commuting , annual visa and passport charges, not talking about currency exchange rate fiasco....

Oh, and I forgot to mention the NASAlike medical examination every 6 months, where at least 2 or 3 pilots fail and get unpaid leave, waiting for the mn chinese doctors to get their bribe.....
Rosters now change at least 4 to 5 times a month, consequently, your full fare tickets you bought are going to the trash....

1 resignation in December, 3 pilots not renewing their contracts in March 2012, and hardly any new joiner. A lot of guys get advises from inhouse pilots telling them to stay away, other make their own mind, looking at better contracts such as Hainan or China Southern. Even Hong Kong airline shines compared to Air China.

Stay Away from Air China
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