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mathers_wales_uk - Agree with you 100% however I think the Welsh assembly are not considering removing APD at the moment. Its been mentioned but no firm plans unlike the Scottish Government who have made a firm commitment to get rid of it.

The whole situation is a mess as politicians in various parts of the country recognise that APD is actually damaging the economy. The Scottish Office has recognised this for years in the Highlands and Islands. And indeed the UK Government itself has actually acknowledged that this harmful tax restricts air travel by lowering APD for the Continental airline service from Belfast International to Newark.

I dont think we have ever had a government as anti aviation as the current one whilst the decline in regional airports can be partly be blamed on the general economic climate it must be also be blamed on the current administration. The airline industry unlike every other form of transport is not subsidised whereas rail and bus travel is heavily subsidised by the UK taxpayer. The aviation industry does not ask for billions of pounds each year in subsidy to buy new planes or build new airports. It pays for this itself. Imagine the huge public outcry if we added 12 Rail Passenger duty to a single rail ticket. Need I say more.
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