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Do you want the rest of the story?

I agree that my bit was luck, but not I like to think wholly luck. I certainly would not guarantee to repeat it every time.

Since we had saved "loiter and land" time, the captain decided to practise "going alongside" the dan-buoy, and for a while, we did.

Then the inevitable happened. We wrapped the mooring cable round the screw, and there we were, anxiously looking for "ship not under control" cones to fly from the signal hoist.

It seemed to me that we had no chance in Hell of unwrapping the cable and I hinted that we might drop the anchor and radio Southampton for a tug. Not a word of it.

The chief buffer's mate stripped down to his y-fronts and went over the side with, believe it or not, a hacksaw blade. He was able to stay down for a very few seconds only, and the cable was of steel. Needless to say he made no headway. I repaired to my cabin for the old naval tradition of "getting my head down". Great ocean-going ships were hooting majestically as only they can. I awoke when it was long dark. We had, Yes!, a tug and lights, we were firmly anchored for the divers with the cutters, and we set off for France next day.

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