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The advertising slogan "Should have gone to S***savers!" comes very much to mind, and certainly could explain several of the Dimbleballs TH accurately quotes, particularly 1, 2, 6, and 7 (and perhaps 3 as well).

Much worse than the errors in the script, so far as I am concerned, was the apparent lack of co-ordination between DD and the techies during the march-past, when DD was attempting to describe one group when the camera at the time was showing a completely different group, frequently one that had long passed the Cenotaph. Regrettably, it happens every year.

I'll gloss over the fact that DD incorrectly called "Heart of Oak", the march of the Royal Navy, "Hearts of Oak", and even the fact that I believe that, when mentioning the Fleet Air Arm Association, he explained that the FAA as the Navy's "air force".

However, the "highlight" that got me going was when, as the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers veterans marched past, DD described how those who were unfortunately captured by the Chinese in Korea (after the Battle of the Imjin River in 1951) fashioned "red and white roses out of paper" in their prison camp. He corrected himself a few seconds later (or, more likely was corrected) and explain that he meant "hackles". I should think that that one raised a few "hackles" of a different kind, given the hard-earned origin of the red and white hackle. Such nice boys the Fighting Fifth, but not flowerboys.

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