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After completing upper air work the captain took control of the aircraft. He then asked the crew if they had seen a Stuka dive, the aircraft then pitched up steeply and commenced a wingover to the left. Upon rolling out of the manoeuvre the pilot noticed the aircraft was pointed directly at a large tourist boat crowded with people. The captain continued the dive to within approximately 300 meters and 200 feet above the vessel before breaking off and flying alongside. The aircraft then proceeded a few miles west of the vessel at 200 ft, the captain handed control back to the pilot and instructed them to commence a stick shaker climb from 200 feet back to altitude for the return flight.
A very reliable source has told me this flight was conducted very close to Hastings Reef! It had a full crew (reliable witnesses) complement on board and was only part of a very irregular 'Training Flight'.

I wonder if some of the tourists on board the boat got some pictures or maybe even video footage of the low level aerobatics??
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