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Thumbs up The Future is Indiginous in Naija

Well, I have seen so much of nonsense, I can only speak as I find. Caverton is a good company who pays good money, much better then Bristow. It is an indigenous company and will continue to do better than Bristow because of this and because they treat national pilots with dignity and equality and much better than Bristow. The opportunities are much better and not governed by some old colonialists with some kind of hidden agenda. Yes, there is many expats in Caverton for now, but they have to start somewhere and is offering much better money and equality to Nigerian pilots than Bristow now. Bristow has started the 419 of separation of PAAN, but noone is fooled by this attempt to make it seem they are a separate entity and an indigenous company like Caverton. All the managers of PAAN is just South African who will entirely fill the company with all their old SAAF buddies like they always do .
Bristow is losing all its good people whether Nigerian or expatriate because they are starting to see through the lies and see that Caverton is emerging as the premier company of Nigeria. It started slow, but now has good managers and is getting more good people as well as winning good contract. Yes, Bristow will always say this is just 419, but they need to look at what they have and what they offer. They still have to much baggage from the days of the majah who has influenced those who are coming after him. Why are so many people leaving Bristow? Of course they will say it is because of unfair practise, but really it is because Caverton is paying more and even more so because more people can see that caverton is the future. Why are so many Bristow people here if not for a better life and a better future - we have not bin kidnaped
Bristow is so scared it is now paying bribe to nationals it thinks are ready to desert to Caverton . My brothers, take the bribe first, then come to the future of Nigeria. Inidigenous company is the future. Caverton has always been owned by indigenes, Aero has finally thrown off the imperialist yoke. Our day has come and even if Bristow may continue to make some small gain, the writing is on the wall. You are all welcome
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