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... so to summarise, bear in mind that if you go to BA now, your basic salary is low (as in, you will probably struggle to live on it, it is not "market rate + 10%"); from your allowances, you will need to fund all subsistence away from base; if you are travelling around Europe for several nights, you will need to be quite ingenious to take your toiletry supplies. These are things you may not otherwise have considered.

Is there anything that would stop the crew carrying overnight cases to the forward hold and collecting them when they get off the aeroplane? Which I understand happens each time they rotate through LHR? Or are there rules which means that this would cost the airline to load and unload the cases?

What is a "free" breakfast? My previous airline were skinflints - but all UK hotels were on a B+B basis, and if we didn't get B+B on the continent, we got crew breakfasts. Seriously, if a company is saying they will book 10 rooms per night (or longhaul? 18 rooms per day?), and they have ANY competence in negotiation, most hotels would happily include breakfast in the rate. Or was BA keen to shave the last 1 per room off and leave the crew to bear a higher cost because "their allowances cover it"? Most hotels do buffets these days anyway, with lots of the food being chucked away at 10am.

The /hr isn't just a subsistence allowance - or it would be exempt from tax. It is a productivity payment.
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