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I understand that WW don't get a flat 2.60 per hour to pay for everything on the trip plus compensate for a low basic salary, when breakfast in some hotels is 20 euros, though my friend may be labouring under a misapprehension. Similarly wifi - if you can pay your mobile phone bill without worrying about an extra 30 on it for roaming charges, why would you care about wifi in the hotel?

Allowing bags in the hold would improve lifestyle for all crew. If the CAA required it, a solution would be found.

Any hotel will negotiate a price for a group of guests to have anything included in the rate - free wifi, breakfast included, a wake-up call from a strippagram, whatever. BA isn't paying the rack rate for the rooms, and no hotel would expect to charge a corporate client who was booking 10+ rooms per day the rack rate. BA hotac department knows that and the hotels know that. Many airlines with lower status and fewer rooms booked per night manage to sort out breakfast and wifi as part of room rates; it's within BA's power, if it has the will.

What I meant about "mixed fleet rather than WW" is not that other fleets necessarily get those things. It's just that WW have had the clout for their concerns to be dealt with, whereas those of MF don't show up on the horizon. In any case, these are aspects of what it is like to work for MF (compared to other airlines where such things may be sorted out) which people reading this thread might find it useful to know before they arrive.
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