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BTB - hang in there mate, it can be a hard industry to break in to, but your break will come if you stick to your guns.

Curious as to how you went about applying for jobs here? There are many guys and girls that will walk in to an office, ask for the CP and then hand them a resume, or hand it to the receptionist and hope it doesn't make the circular filing cabinet.

I found that the above rarely works, unless a pilot just happened to walk out or handed in their resignation.

How often did you ask for feedback from a CP you spoke to who said "thanks but no thanks"?

This industry is all about networking and having the right attitude. Also, given that you are 25 I hope that you have some other skills outside of aviation, those skills are often the thing that may set you out from the crowd.

Not having done the overseas thing I can't really comment, but know a few guys who did the OS thing and found it pretty much like here.

Stick by your guns mate, if you want it enough and are patient enough you'll get the break you need.

NJ - unless you have the right to live and work in Australia you won't be able to work over here, sorry.
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