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Why not? Last time I checked we still lived in a free country - of course Julia may have changed the rules since then. Interested to hear any case you might make why they should not have been.
I don't mean should they have been there at all. I've been there, along with a host of other pilots/crews before me. What I meant was should they have been there doing what they were doing (still to be determined) at that particular point in time (pitch black)?

Who can say, you know a crystal ball gazer?
Nope can't say that I do know one. I'm certainly not one either, I can't even see that far into the future of what I'm having for dinner tonight.

I think I've said enough now anyway. Hopefully a few more people can answer my questions without simply thinking that I'm bashing the deceased. That was never my intention, and I hope other people like Oxi don't interpret it that way.
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