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Wild Card?

Dear Focault

I am sorry to hear what happened to you and the other Ladīs.....

Now my Question to all who consider to join: Do You really think that the threads about KAL are just made up? Do you all think we are jealous about the new joiners? We warned several times in this forum about the unfair treatment during the training in [B]ALL [B] Fleet types. Times back 7 out of 8 B777 Pilots failed in one course..... and and and

People read the thread and think it want happen to them, thanks for coming forward and speak up. Yes You are right that all is in Korean and set to get be secure against any further review. The board is a fake, preset minds, appeal impossible. The tip of the iceberg is all what you get here, after beeing thru the hoops of all and if you have the knowledge from the other side of the fense then you know: You better have avoided it and stayed where you where.

Fortunatly there are a few other jobs out but mostly in Asia as well, burned once, who want to be burned a second time?!

Fly safe and land happy

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