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Very sad to read of the crash of Red 4.
One of the great things about this forum is that PPLs like myself from the other end of the world who have worked from time to time in the industry can ask questions and post in threads like this military one.
We can get direct access to current and former fast-jet, helicopter and other aviators to indulge a curiosity about our common passion - flight.
I've found out an incredible amount, and enjoyed reading and asking questions of people who have flown legendary aircraft, and who are doing so today... and I've learned a lot about life in the services.
So please don't restrict us from posting and asking questions.
As regards speculation about the causes of crashes, some people here seem to be conflating the principle of not speculating if you are actively involved in the investigation, or operating a similar type, so as to avoid jumping to erroneous and dangerous misconceptions at to root cause - with more generic human curiosity.
People will always speculate - especially pilots, who out of empathy for one of their brethren and concern for the safety of flight, immediately want to try and figure out what went wrong.
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