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It is one thing to pontificate about possible causes of the accident on a rumour network - the issue here is naming the deceased before the NOK have been told. The mainstream media have a clear understanding with the MOD - they don't name the deceased until NOK and wider family have been informed and where possible don't name the unit (clearly not possible in this case). In any event, please let the professionals break the news to the NOK and the other members of the family in person before outing the identity on the internet, it is a simple matter of humanity.

The professional route takes time because unlike a rumour network, there has to be absolute certainty before telling someone their husband/wife/son/daughter has died and then there needs to be certainty that the right people are being told. Absolute certainty in the immediate aftermath of an incident such as this is in short supply. Finally, someone needs to be called in and put in best bib and tucker to go and break the news. This may be frustrating to those who need instant gratification but again I refer to basic humanity. Please all, in future, think before you blog.
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