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This is cearly a tragic air accident, and the amateur and media speculation realy does not help.

Anyone from the media take on board what MOD, Air Investigators say, we simply do know what happened, and they have not stated the pilot concerned was a hero, he could have equally been neglegent, we simply do know know what happened. This 'Hero' thing has been generated by some of the less credible newspapers, but sadly the BBC are following this 'hero' story.

It is somewhat depressing when after almost every air accident the media claimed the pilot steered his aircraft away from housing. MEDIA PLEASE NOTE, its quite simple, in the event of a forced landing a pilot will look for an open area, that's common sense, the outcome is better in an open area, it's as simple as that, in terms of evacuation by parachute or an ejection seat, again if time permits, there will be consideration, as to where the airframe will end up, but sometimes there is little time to decide, that is generally why we dont fly aerobatics (NOT ACROBATIC, GYMNASTICS, STUNT FLYING OR TRICK FLYING OR OTHER MEDIA UNEDUCATED TERMS THE MEDIA USE) over built up areas, because, in the unlikely event of evacuation we dont want the abandoned airframe to hit dwellings.

Finally, Military pilots, and civilian pilots, train for all sorts of emergencies, but in reality when faced with an emergency, every situation is unique, there can be a combination of factors, it's a dynamic situation in real time when you need to do the best you can faced with an emergency, based on your training and flying experience.

Finally. no accident happens in isolation, any air accident always contains a number of factors, an no one factor can be attributed in isolation, and all pilots know, it's often 'all but the grace of god there go I'! Even the very best pilots can be victims of an error chain.

Clearly this Pilot was well qualified and experienced, but Let's leave it to the miltary accident investigators, out of respect to the Pilot's partner and family, rather than speculting.

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