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As of 0500hrs EST, ABC TV news confirming crew as Paul Lockyer, John Bean and Gary Ticehurst as being killed, two bodies "found".

As of 0600EST (time of this posting) more tempered reports that three believed killed with police on scene saying they are not looking for survivors.

Two men were also killed in an ultralight crash in Queensland yesterday, (Aug 18th)
This follows two deaths on Monday during a fixed wing Angel Flight, truly a shocking week for Australian aviation community.

Do ABC have a helicopter based in SA or is this a local SA company on charter?
ABC reports say it was a Sydney based aircraft, they have used the Sydney based ABC AS355F2 VH-NTV, for shooting docs in the area in the last 18 months.

Local ABC Radio Adelaide have extended coverage and reports, link to live stream here
ABC Adelaide - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC TV weather forecaster "not wanting to pre-empt any investigation" says weather in the area was light winds light clouds at 3000ft with no storm activity.

Rex Ellis, an outback tour operator has given an interview on ABC radio. He spent the afternoon with the crew who were filming his outback tour. He says they took off from at 1900hrs. He says it was dark but weather was clear. (full moon was not yet up he says)
He says the aircraft took off, then circled them them went low and disappeared behind dunes, moments later there was glow. He says it didn't look like a normal flight.
They took to their boats and reached the crash site one hour later.

Cindy Mitchell is owner of the farm that the crew were enrout to, she said on ABC TV interview in response to a question regarding poor weather, "no the weather was fine".


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