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Kiwi Airforce Irony?

Noted from the "Letters to the Editor"


I note that the new Airforce advertising catch cry is "Bring It On". Of course my reply is "Or what?" What if someone did "Bring It On?" Given 12hrs notice of a hijacked 747 coming from Los Angeles to plough into the Americas Cup village, NZ could do nothing.
As the tradgic events in Bali unfolded the Airforce was asked to step up and transport a medical team. Their Hercules broke down.
Whilst the men and women of the NZDF remain dedicated professionals successive Governments have undermined their ability to do even the most non-military tasks.
Its a travesty that the average kiwi has yet to wake up to.
Even the PM is traveling to El Alamein in a civil aircraft whilst the veterans travel in an Airforce 727 - It has also broken down!
Isnt it ironic that El Alamein was an allied victory hailed for its use of airpower, being celebrated by PM who see's airpower as worthless?
"Bring It On" is worse than ironic, surely it is a joke!
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