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0210:11: PNF: - Qu'est-ce que c'est que ša?
Look, it is 6 seconds after A/P disconnected... It is a very common reaction in French in such case. Don't you really think that they could not be quite surprised to hear this alarm sounding, considering that, before this point, they might never have heard a single stall warning during a real flight?

Your "warning of death" will certainly add a lot of drama into it... with 100% hindsight. What most other crew did, in the very same circumstances, was to disregard the alarm as spurious. It did not last long enough, only few 10th of second, as it was due to very short flight spikes exceeding alpha treshold.

Additional note for any conspiracy theorist still unable to read what is reported:
- AP disconnected at 2:10:05
- 1st Stall Warning is recorded exactly (CVR) at : 2:10:10.4
- PNF comment is recorded at : 2:10:11
Comment was made with a 0.6 second interval (not 3 hours later) and was obviously due to this alarm, not because he heard aircraft structures falling appart.
And, of course,... everything (SW+comment) happened 5-6 seconds AFTER autopilot disconnected. It's perfectly clear from the report for anyone sober enough, or one not reading it up side down on purpose.
Just for vent ....
Indeed .. all the CVR reported conversations are typical (syntax and words used) of a common animated conversation between some friends in a bar (ou au zinc) and easy to understand by any french speaking people but seem's not common for professional pilots in a event who require all their technical knowledge and analysis power ...
It's another language for that (at least .. other words .. even in french)
That's was about the conversation...
Now .. about the acts performed ... they were in a language not understand by many professionals pilots ....
They still struggle for understand why they acted like .. that night.
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