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I don't know how the F-4E's radar compared to the F-4B's, whether it was inferior, the same, superior, etc, but they were still used as interceptors by NORAD and ANG units, and I think it had an even greater intercept radius than the F-4B/C (786 nm vs ~ 750 nm).

On F-4E/G models, the digital ARN-101 navigation system replaced the LN-12 inertial navigation system. The F-4E was equipped with the APQ-120 which offered considerable improvements in weight (290 kg), volume, performance and reliability through the use of solid-state circuitry. It is also designed to operate reliably in close proximity to the nose-gun installation of the F-4E. The F-4E also was equipped with the AIM-7F missile. The Northrop "Target Identification System Electro-Optical (TISEO)" camera system was also introduced in late F-4E production, being retrofitted to older aircraft as well. TISEO involved a steerable, stabilized telescopic camera mounted on the left wing, and was used primarily to inspect targets before engaging them. TISEO imagery was displayed on the WSO's radarscope. The camera could be slaved to the AN/APQ-120 radar, and linked to the navigation system to target flight checkpoints as well.

Navy F-4J/S were equipped with The AWG-10 and AWG10B using the AN/APG-59 radar. This was the first multi-mode radar set that included pulse-Doppler look-down capability as well as a comprehensive built-in-test (BIT) system.

You sure you're not mixing the F-4 up with the F-15? They had a "blow-up" feature whereby the flaps would retract as the plane accelerated.

Both aircraft had an auto-retract flap system. On the F-15C flaps automatically retracted at 250 kts. On the F-4D the flaps automatically retracted at 220 kts. +/- 10 kts. Some of us actually used this feature on the F-4 during air-to-air as using flaps provided some additional slow speed capability. I always had the guy in back call out airspeeds with the flaps down, and I would start them up before 220 kts. as going downhill you could still over speed the flaps as they may not retract fast enough.
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