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PPP etc, etc

Think ahead, plan ahead, is essential.

As you progress up the ladder the aircraft gets faster the brain get slower.

Remember regardless of the speed, 1 minute is always 1 minute, so always tinink in terms of tiem and not distance or speed.

Whne on a flight, or worse still a check ride...if you are not busy you should be... there will never be a moments stillness on your check ride, check and double check...think ahead...... and perhaps the most important of all, ALWAYS revaildate ALTIMETER settings, at every critical moment.

If Single Pilot, I always talk to myself out loud,,, it is what you do when multiple crew...it does work, trust me, I am a pilot.

In general a test is failed not because you make a mistake, but because you either hope it was not spotted, and thus have got away with it. OR try to bluff yourself out of the problem.

Stay ahead and keep alive.

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