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Instrument Flying Tips

Cheers for the tips! I think I am sick of hearing the sound of my own internal voice now, but the process seems to be coming together! The ABCDE procedure suggested by kala87 is good. At first theres a lot to consider in the decent before an airfield and over waypoints, however ive found writing the mnemonics on the side of my IFR log very very handy!
Nuke hunt, your suggestion about speaking out allowed during the testing is a helpful, however I did this duing my CPL test, and after the test which was a pass, he said that he didn't really like it, and explaining what was going on was more of a nuisance to the guy, - so since then, I don't usually speak aloud whats going on in my head. If there are any examiners reading this, then please feel free to comment?
But thanks for the feedback anyway guys!
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