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TSA Category 3 Rotorcraft Requirements

Hey everyone, quick question about TSA requirements, I just came across the following note:

"Note: Category 3 Rotorcraft Requirements - Candidates who seek flight training in the operation of rotorcraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less are subject to the above Category 3 clarification. Candidates must obtain approval for the initial license, instrument rating or multi-engine rating if the pilot does not hold a fixed-wing equivalent"

If I were to look into getting a ME add-on rating on the fixed wing side, does the above note mean that the fact that I already have Multi-Engine experience on the Rotary side exempts me from having to request a TSA clearance again? It is somewhat confusing since a ME class rating for Helicopters doesn't exist on the FAA side. It's getting late and I am tired, I need a quick answer and highly appreciate anyone's help on this easy one
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