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Radeng, in case the general public is to be unaware of ATC communications, it would be illegal to sell VHF radio's and scanners to non-licensed individuals.
As my late grandmother would say, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Saint's Preserve us!"

1.It is illegal to use an airband receiver in the UK without an appropriate licence.
It is illegal to use an airband transceiver in the UK without an appropriate licence.
It is not illegal to sell either of those products to anyone who wants to buy one.

2.The UK CAA have restricted the use of certain electronic items (not fitted to the aircraft) at various stages of the flight. Some during the take-off and landing phase and some during the complete flight. Airband transceivers would definitely come into the latter and receivers most certainly into the former.

Now, if that's a real problem causing restless nights and wringing of hands contact these people and put your case:
Houses of Parliament
Palace of Westminster
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