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I'd just like to say the Tiger is the aeroplane I have had the most amount of fun in thus far out of all the aerobatic (if you can call it that) types I have flown.

I am a bit bias, but have read (about half a million times) Aerobatics - Neil Williams.
I am reading Duane Cole's Roll Around a Point and Conquest of Lines and Symmetry at the moment. Sigh for a Merlin by Alex Henshaw was a brilliant read, as was The Spifire: A test pilots story by Jeffrey Quill.

The most interesting read I have had to date in relation to Aviation, is unquestionably Charles Kingsford Smith and those magnificent men by Peter Fitzsimons. If you enjoy reading about Aviation history, this is the book. So many prominant personalities are mentioned as Smithy crossed paths with so many of them.
I have copies of all the above, but one I have read but don't own myself is Keith Park's biography, would really like to track down a copy of this one.

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