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Flight in Turbulence
Flight in Severe Turbulence: A Close Encounter of the Rough Kind - Airbus

Flight Instruments
Erroneous Flight Instruments - Boeing

Flight Manuals and other esoterica
Blackbird SR-71 - - Paul Kucher

Flight Mechanics/Engineering/General Pilot Training Material
Aerospace Digital Library - Georgia Institute of Technology - Aerospace Engineering
Airbus Briefing Notes - Airbus
Aviation Courses - Miscellaneous Notes - click on subject headings - Selkirk College - Canada
Flight Theory Modules - AUF
See How It Flies - Dr John S Denker
Technical Flying - Prof David F Rogers - USN Academy - collected technical reports
Thai Technics

Flight Operations Quality Assurance
Flight Data Monitoring - CAP739 - UK CAA

Flight Planning
International Flight Information Manual - FAA
Internet Flight Planning Centre - Norwegian emphasis

Flight Testing
Aircraft Performance Flight Testing - AFFTC-TIH-99-01 - USAF
Dryden Flight Research Center - NASA - Education page
Dryden Technical Reports Server
FAA Heavy Flight Test Guide
Introduction to Flight Test Manoeuvres - NASA Dryden
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
Society of Flight Test Engineers
Wet/Cont Runway spray test - also shows trailing static cone - B737 - photograph

Foreign Object Control (FOC)/Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
Foreign Object Debris and Damage Prevention - Boeing

Fuel and Fuel Systems
Aeroshell Book, The
Fuel Densities - Transport Canada
Fuel dumping - B742 - photo
Fuel Imbalance - Boeing

Aviation Abbreviations and Acronyms - CASA - Australia
Aviation Abbreviations Decoder
Aviation Acronyms and Abbreviations - FAA GPS Site
Aviation Glossary - AOPA
Avionics Glossary - Rockwell Collins
Aviation Glossary - Scott Williams
Aviation Terms Glossary - Key Publishing
CSGNetwork Glossary - very extensive and useful link
Jargon Buster - IFALPA

All About GPS - Trimble
EGNOS/Galileo - European Space Agency
Geospatial Intelligence - National Imagery and Mapping Agency - US Government
Global Positioning System Overview - Dr Peter H Dana - GPS and related subject material
GPS Information - UK Ordnance Survey
GLONASS - Russian MoD Site - English language optionGPS Information Website - Joe Mehaffey/Jack Yeazel
RAIM Prediction - EuroControl Augur Site

Ground Operations
Preventing Runway Incursions - Airbus

High Altitude Flight and Handling
High Altitude Handling - Effect of CG - Boeing

High Lift Devices
High Lift Systems - part of an Aircraft Design course - Stanford

Hydroplaning (Aquaplaning)
Don't 'Hang Ten' in your Airplane - Avemco via AvWeb article
Landing on Slippery Runways - Boeing Airliner magazine Oct/Dec 1992 - App E of RVTV Report 1999011
Tire Hydroplaning - NASA Langley - videos

Hypoxia and related problems
Altitude induced decompression sickness - CAMI - FAA
Altitude Tutorial - Mountain Medicine Information Center
Hypoxia - CAMI - FAA
When Humans Fly High: What Pilots Should Know ... - AvWeb article

A pilot's guide to inflight icing - NASA
Effects of Icing on Control - FAA AC 91-51A
Icing Branch - NASA Glenn

Instrument Letdowns (Procedure Design)
Circling differences between PANS/OPS and TERPs - UK CAA document

Jet Upset
Aerodynamic Principles of Large Airplane Upsets - Airbus
Aerodynamic Principles of Large Airplane Upsets - Boeing
Airplane Upset Recovery - Airbus
Upset Recovery - FAA
FlightLab Handling Notes Downloads

Landing Techniques
Preventing Hard Nosegear Touchdowns - Boeing

Big Dog's Leadership Page - Donald Clark

Lightning Strikes
Lightning Strikes and Airbus FBW Aircraft - Airbus
Lightning strike sequence - B747 - Kawasaki via NWS - a MUST see URL

Maintenance Related Matters
Maintainers Bulletin Board
Maintenance Cost Analysis - Airbus
Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development - ATA MSG-3 - via FAA website
Sjap's B737 Maintenance Site

Manufacturers - OEMs

Manufacturer Operational/Training Documents/Magazines (and back issues)
Aero Magazine - Subject Index - Boeing
Avco Lycoming 'Flyer' Key Reprints - Textron Lycoming
CodeOne Magazine - Lockheed Martin - military
FAST Magazine - Airbus
Understanding Takeoff Speeds - Airbus Flight Operations Briefing Notes
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