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A few pop into mind:

All time favorite:
1. A little fat guy flying around with another Cx training captain in 16 ft without gear.
2. 2 Cx training captains selecting landing flap in 400 ft flying into new York.
3. Another one topping that at around 350 ft into Hkg recently
4. One leading into a map where nobody knew who actually is PF. Hands off and autopilot off stalling around 120 kts momentarily.
5. Another beautiful approach is the one with the gear pins still in place.
( Chinese call him lick fly).
6. Not to mention a few visuals in Japan, one off course in the middle east,
One offset ils in new york etc,etc,etc.

And Johnny wants to hire even cheaper ones.
Hope his family doesn't sit in the back when sh1t hits the fan.
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