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What OFSO said, 100%!

OFSO's words of advice.......
With all the talk about taking "Fish Oil", folks may forget that the right kinds of FISH are naturally full of it, and no gelatin is required. Cold-water deep swimmers are the ones I favor. Especially in the form of lightly cured Lachs from Sweden, Norway, and thereabouts. If you're going out sometime anyway, might as well do it in style beforehand, on an endless stream of tasty salmon hors d'oeuveres washed down by a tasty white (even the blancos have some helpful anthocyanins). Just go easy on the bread -- dangerous stuff, that.

The mention of 2.4 gm/day of cinnamon caught one's attention. Have been doing that, or a bit more, for some weeks of late -- mostly because a great lot of cinnamon landed on me doorstoop, unexpectedly. Best way to have it is with equal parts brandy and grapefruit juice, but not giant amounts of either, so it makes a sort of warm little packet in the pipes that is quite noticeable. Funny effect of a few gm a day of cinnamon is... one has lost nearly all appetite for nibbling, for sugars and for fats. Might just give up eating altogether, everything but fishy bits and seaweed, at this rate. Quite remarkable!!
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