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OFSO's words of advice.......

1 The body can only store so much cholesterol in the blood and the good stuff (HDL) is automatically preferred to the bad stuff (LDL). Hence eating the good stuff displaces the bad stuff. How you take it is up to you: fish, cod-liver oil, Omega 3/6. But take lots. Exceed the RDD by a factor of two or three. It won't do any harm.

2 The prostate likes being emptied; the more you empty it the less likely you are to get swellings, either benign or the other sort. How you empty it is up to you - it's fun either way, I've heard people say. A frequently-used prostate is a healthy prostate.

3 Stay out of the sun - period. Forget creams, the 'natural' protection of dark skin, etc. Just stay out of it - and get to know a good dermatologist if you live in a southern climate and have a fair skin. I speak from experience. And try not to wince as nasty-looking bits are cut off.

4 Teeth and eyes - get inspected once a year. Get your corneas and your retinas checked. A lost tooth is a lost tooth and a defective retina (I'm thinking of AMD) is b*ggered forever. You don't need to be toothles and blind in old age.

5 Blood pressure - strengthen the cardio vascular system as much as possible, weight-lifting is good, and take lots of garlic to guard against stroke etc.

6 Coffee - lots of it, mops up the free radicals.

7 Wine - at least a glass a day, preferably red, but otherwise any good one. No reason needed for drinking it, but there are lots.

8 Don't get depressed or sad. The body's cells respond to your general state of mind. Keep happy. I would recommend mediation or self-hypnosis but you'll laugh at me. However, it works (mostly).

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