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Say what?

Just look at the typical post I refer to, there. It is stuffed with simple-minded insults, 'crap, BS,' and so-on, and when it goes beyond the simple then the wheels fall off the spelling. Well, why? What is the problem?

A lot of this AGW stuff is just science. Perhaps it is bad science, when science has ways of catching that out, but it is not 'shrill,' or 'hysterical' to begin with. No, here at least, that is pretty much starting with the anti-AGW camp, and I really would like to know why.

Of course, asking someone with this curious mindset to engage in a bit of self-examination is pretty obviously an exercise in futility, but I still thought it was worth trying.

Here, Magnus, I am referring to the post (#8182) right above mine. Am I missing the point to ask about its tone? You tell me; does it read as fair and balanced to you?

Why, indeed, ask if someone is a crank or not? Well, probably because it comes down to trust, when I do not trust cranks!

In aviation you may run across a type who never has a good word to say about other pilots; he is the World's Greatest Pilot and the rest of us just do not know what we are doing! When he tells you something you would be very, very wise to check with someone else if that is really so or if he's got it wrong in the same way his general approach is wrong. Put simply, you shouldn't trust him. Here, Doctor M. was presented as someone we can trust to tell us the anti-AGW true facts of rising ocean levels but he seems very like that World's Greatest Pilot type I already know, so that I do not trust him one little bit.

Really, this is pretty much the same as asking anyone here to read about Doctor M. to decide whether he's rational or a crank, when he's firmly in the anti-AGW camp. The science of most of this might be beyond most of us but reading a post or two to judge the mood of an author is not rocket science at all. There we are just using what life has taught us, what we call 'common sense.'

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