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Showing off...

Who really knows if Simonpro is some sort of expert? He could be anything, really, but if he's posing as a scientist then he seems to be doing that fairly convincingly.

What of those of you on the anti-AGW front, then? What are you, anyway? When you are not handing out high-fives among yourselves then it's lashings of contumely for those on the other side of the 'debate,' with all of the monosyllabic insults got right but those with two or more syllables often looking a bit shaky. Where are you coming from in this?

What is the (obviously big) problem you lot have with reading stuff that doesn't agree with your opinions? Is it that the taxman is going to force each of you to pay for all this AGW stuff in the end? it should all ruin the World Economy, so that we shall end our days living in caves (freezing, presumably)?
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