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To clarify, what a pilot says in the cockpit or sends in an email will NOT have a direct effect on the lives and livelihoods of MILLIONS (nay, BILLIONS) of people. What these "climate scientists" say and do in the course of their "work" CAN and WILL have such an effect as their "recommendations" (aka hysteria) will be used to shape the policies of governments around the world in regard to taxation, etc.
The scientist recommendations (Part 3 of the IPCC report) aren't "hysteria", that comes from clowns like Gore and Greenpeace. If you actually sit down and read the WGIII recommendations you'll see that they aren't hysterical and are (fairly) reasonable.
As I have said time and time again, the problem comes when politics gets involved, then we have lobby groups on either side twisting the data and text beyond all recognition so that it suits their point of view.
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