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Pilots have jobs with public safety implications. Not all pilots are to be trusted. Therefore everything said in a cockpit should be public record, I should be allowed to demand to hear all of it, and read all emails sent by pilots. Why not? They have nothing to fear do they? Or are they engaged in a global conspiracy to put God knows what into the atmosphere? When they are not dowsing their back yards maybe they are spreading chemtrails. And before anyone else suggests it - yes I am going to go and have a lie down. Au revoir.
Man, I want some of what you're smoking if that is your "argument".

To clarify, what a pilot says in the cockpit or sends in an email will NOT have a direct effect on the lives and livelihoods of MILLIONS (nay, BILLIONS) of people. What these "climate scientists" say and do in the course of their "work" CAN and WILL have such an effect as their "recommendations" (aka hysteria) will be used to shape the policies of governments around the world in regard to taxation, etc.

To try and compare that with a private email from a pilot is scraping the bottom of Chuks' and Cacophonix' barrels (or even the barrels of their bottoms, whatever one takes your fancy) as far as non-arguments go.
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