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Originally Posted by Jig Peter
...Apparently CDG had been on station elsewhere and returned for the planned servicing when it was ordered to take part in the Libyan op, but that servicing is now very much needed - he was reported to have said that "we (the French Navy) are scraping the bottom of the barrel"...
Before she started contributing over a quarter of the NATO strike sorties being flown over Libya, the French carrier Charles de Gaulle and her air group had been providing CAS for ground forces (mainly Brits) in Afghanistan since Oct 2010, her fifth such mission in nine years.

CdG and her air group have now achieved eight months of almost continuous flying operations and must be sorely in need of some maintenance and leave. The question is, what is going to fill the significant gap when she goes? The tragedy is that the RN doesn't have a carrier to relieve her. Even a CVS with a dozen or more GR9s would have mitigated the situation.
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