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Here's a good discussion on Dr.Judith Curry's blog about IPCC and the detection and attributions they put on anthropogenic part of AGW

Overconfidence in IPCC’s detection and attribution. Part IV | Climate Etc.

And by the way, Dr.Judith Curry is a luke warmer and is a pro-AGW scientist, well published and respectable. She's one of the sensible ones who looks at both sides of the arguments and she finds a lot of troubling aspects about IPCC. She's also one of the few mainstream scientists who have spoken out about the antics of the pro-AGW rabid scientists and the behaviour of the climate journals.

This thread above explains how IPCC sets attribution on humans for causing warming.

And her comment about " blog science "

It's as follows

" And finally a comment about “blog science.” From the previous Parts I, II and III, you can see how my thinking on this has evolved, and a significant element in that evolution has been the comments and discussion on these threads at Climate Etc."

This is a classic example of a true scientist not afraid to discuss all issues related to AGW and seeing for herself that things are a lot wrong in the AGW camp and questioning them. That's how good blog science has evolved. Steve McIntyre, Judith Curry, Anthony Watts etc. are redefining blog science ad setting much higher standards in science as well as ethics, compared to IPCC, climate scientists and climate related scientific journals.
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