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I guess that I can take it that those of you who are against the AGW hypothesis are also for dowsing,
No. that's your assertion.

Because Gordon Brown didn't put the UK into the Euro, which i consider a good thing, doesnt mean that i ever agreed with his policies nor am or ever have been pro-labour (new or old). You are making an assertion that you are reaching for and it an assertion that is not based on any factual data, but then you seem to waver toward that stance.

Because someone does not agree with the the flawed and inaccurate hypothesis of AGW and the manipulations of the IPCC does not concur that a person belives in dowsing.

is there some particular reason why I should try to engage any of you in some sort of logical discussion on the topic of AGW?
well quite simply you have not. In fact you have clearly stated that you do not wish to engage in any form of debate or discussion of factual data. So your assertion there is disingenuous.

I can think of many good reasons not to, but telling you many of those would probably upset you and the Mods
ahh the old woe is me paranoia routine. The world, nor the mods are out to get you, in fact.. sssshs! don't tell anyone this, but the mods actually preser reasoned discussion. What they will not tolerate and it is in the ROE, is 'play the ball, not the player' which is what you consisently try to do. you have not and even stated that you will not engage in factual debate or discussion but instead opine as to the nature of the posters. 'play the ball, not the player'.

even assuming that you were able to understand that even one of them should be mortally insulting to your collective self-image as reasonable beings capable of scientific inquiry
such lofty arrogance from someone who cannot determine when they and their argument [sic] are being deconstructed routinely.

You have come across as someone with nothing to say but very eagre to say it, while attempting condencendance without realise he is ridiculing himself.

seriously, if you're doing a degree you need to buck up.
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