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For greengranite:
Having seen dowsing in action I can assure you it does work.
I was acting as a liaison officer on a brown field site for a few weeks, the contractor was told, by the council, that there was a water main but that its position was very uncertain, no problem says the contractor I'll get the company dowser to find it.
He came the next day and wandered around the site, stakes were duly hammered in, digging commenced and there was the pipe.
I think the problem with the image of dowsing is it borders on black magic in people's eyes as it has no scientific explanation. Also it has a lot of people who think they can but very few that actually can. (I admit I was skeptical about it until I saw that demonstration of it.)
gg, you and your dowser are invited to apply to the James Randi Educational Foundation, and take home the million dollars on deposit for the Million Dollar Challenge. Go to for more info on how to enrich your dowser. Suggest you ask for a finder's fee.

bearfoil, the million is yours if you can beat them to it!

Also, for green granite:
From 500 to ... of the 43 pre-selected and extensively tested candidates at least 37 showed no dowsing ability.
Looks like dowsing doesn't really "work" with the reproducibility demonstrated. Bear's "I don't know how, but it works" is a frequent point made in re dowsing.
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