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I guess that I can take it that those of you who are against the AGW hypothesis are also for dowsing, that you have no problem with believing in something not scientifically proven, as does one of your chosen champions. (Here we are leaving aside the various categories of religious belief simply to focus on dowsing.)

Then too, I am the one who is non-scientific in my 'ramblings.' You are all quite sure of this?

These things being so, is there some particular reason why I should try to engage any of you in some sort of logical discussion on the topic of AGW? I have to ask because I cannot think of a single one. I can think of many good reasons not to, but telling you many of those would probably upset you and the Mods, even assuming that you were able to understand that even one of them should be mortally insulting to your collective self-image as reasonable beings capable of scientific inquiry.

Gregor Mendel might have chosen to work with you, come to think of it...
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