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It was Rod Dean returning from RIAT 1999 to Cranfield. He couldn't get the right main gear down and as Cranfield was closed with no fire cover (he had approval to land there) opted to divert to Luton. He first call inbound with a gear problem also included the phrase '20mins fuel remaining'. Exceptionally well handled by everyone involved especially Rod who managed to land it with little damage. The right hand external tank took the initial impact and then broke off. There was a small fire soon extinguished. The aircraft was flying again three days later.

I have the pics taken by the police heli but will not be posting them.

I was at RIAT leading the hot air balloonists off the airfield when my mobile went off. All I heard was 'there's been a crash' before I lost the signal. Because of congestion on the network with 75000 people trying to phone home it was ages before I could get a line home.
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