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On a side note, they've done one here which even I think is a good idea.

For the last year they have been installing solar panels on the "roof" of a rail tunnel beside the E19. Yesterday, the first "Zonnetrein" went up the line on a test run (despite the rain, kinda ironic).

Now, in my opinion, being able to use solar power to HELP to supply the electricity use of a rail network (they claim that this one will produce enough leccy in one year to provide a whole day's worth of transportation across the entire Belgian rail network, it's 16,000 panels over 50,000mē and they are claiming 3,300MWh/yr) is a good idea as the energy used by them is rather high. You think of the amount of space on top of tunnels which is not in use, or on old disused lines that are still the property of the rail companies so are left to "grow wild", and you can see a potential for the use of the solar power without carpeting the countryside in these these panels.

There's plenty space like that in various countries, why not use it like the way they have done here instead of sticking up these stupid bloody wind farms which will NEVER achieve the figures claimed for them.

(Link, but in Vlaams. Sorry for that)
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