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...For a real eye-opener, check out what is happening with Siberian permafrost now. Great chunks of the Siberian landscape are turning into mud and liberating a lot of methane as they thaw; methane is an even more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. What does this mean, though? "Al Gore made this up," I guess.
Ho hum, old news.

AGAIN, we have just come out of a mini ice age. de worlds climate has been warming since we came out of the mini ice age in the mid 1800's. It would be expected that if we aint in a little ice age then it would be warmer... This is in part wot the hocky stick graph scam were all about. A couple of carbon muppet scientists needed to remove the warmer then today medieval warm period to 'proove' the models and that todays temperatures are warmer then normal - FAIL..

Here's wot yer would expect when the world is coming outa a mini ice age...

“… the Southern boundary of permafrost in Siberia is everywhere receding Northward. In 1837 this boundary, for example, ran somewhat South of the town of Mezen and was found to a depth of 2m. In 1933 the academy of Sciences Expedition found this boundary at the village of Semzha 40 km further North…”

This predates wot the IPCC claims fer human emitted CO2 affecting temps.

“Catastrophic” retreat of glaciers in Spitsbergen | Watts Up With That?

...ignoring what the real fuss is about, rapid and increasingly rapid climate change...
chuks, do try and come up with sumthin new fer fecks sake. The hysteria line has been done to death..


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